Songs in my head

Good morning fellow friends and family!
I never get these at home!

Over the last few days parts of some songs were in my head and I think they help me be strong and brave. Funnily enough they're all Beatles songs! Some bits sound more hopeful and other bits less hopeful, but this whole process feels like a rollercoaster going up and down anyway!

I told my dad about it and he put the bits of songs together. You can listen to them.


  1. Hi Mateo - I love reading your blog because it feels like I'm there with you. We are sending you a lot of big hugs! It must take a lot of strength and courage (and Frosties)! I like those Beatles songs too. I've been trying to teach Duncan to dance to Prince recently...

    Lots of love David + Mary + Duncan

    PS - I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I loved hanging out with you all in Porto!

  2. Frosties! What a treat! Really glad to hear you're on the other side. I hope you can go home soon. We love reading your blog and seeing all the photos. Lots of love, Gill, Andrew, Callum and Sam.


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